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Major League Baseball bubble possible for postseason

Will there be a Major League Baseball bubble for the playoffs and World Series?

Before getting into this week’s primary topic on the No Longer Neighbors podcast, co-hosts Aaron Arruda and Chris Mycoskie give their thoughts on the week’s news, including the explosion in Beirut (3:00), President Trump threatening to ban TikTok (5:55), Mike Golic’s run on ESPN Radio ending (8:46), and Mulan coming directly to Disney Plus (13:05).

This week’s guest is Chris Halicke, who covers the Texas Rangers beat for Sports Illustrated (21:11). While fans are banned from attending MLB games right now, he’s one of the privileged few who get to be inside the ballpark (28:30). We’ve already seen the Marlins and Cardinals suffer COVID-19 outbreaks in their clubhouses, so what is his level of optimism for the season being played to completion (35:30)? 

ESPN’s Jeff Passan reports that a Major League Baseball bubble situation, like we’re seeing right now with the NBA and NHL, is a realistic possibility for the postseason (39:48). Halicke speculates that if the league limps to the finish line of the regular season, with a litany of positive cases, then playing in a bubble may be the only way a World Series champion can be crowned. At the time this episode was taped Thursday night, it appeared every team would be back to action on Friday. That turned out not to be the case, as the Cardinals had additional players and staff test positive for the coronavirus.

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What about the NFL (44:30)? It will be very difficult. There are a lot more players and coaches involved. On the day of our recording, the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers should have been opening the NFL preseason with the Hall of Fame Game. As for college football, conferences are adjusting their schedules. But ultimately, that may not matter.

Finally, Aaron is still on the mend from rupturing his Achilles last week. So how is he spending his free time without being able to move much? He bought a Nintendo Switch (58:20).

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Sports Illustrated Inside the Rangers: https://www.si.com/mlb/rangers/ 

North Texas Nine podcast: https://apple.co/2XDrPCT 

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