Get Your Financial House in Order

While Chris Mycoskie was upset about Cory Kluber and Jose Leclerc suffering injuries for his beloved Texas Rangers, it turns out a different affliction would affect the No Longer Neighbors podcast more directly. Aaron Arruda ruptured his Achilles tendon this week while playing pickleball

After going over the play-by-play of that pain, Chris talks about getting his financial house in order. He overcame a massive amount of debt with the help of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (8:05). Once he and his wife paid off nearly $30K of credit card bills, they moved to establish a six-month emergency fund. Since then, they’ve been able to buy two used cars with cash and never want to have another automobile payment. Now they’re saving for the future.

This week’s guest is Shawn Lane from Financial Renovation Solutions, Inc. He works to better people’s lives, in part by helping them improve their credit scores (19:52).

Shawn Lane is our guest
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