Gracie Girl

One week has passed since our daughter Grace was stillborn at 21 weeks.

The amount of love and support that has poured out has been nothing short of incredible. God is good. He has surrounded us with amazing people. Psalm 34:18 in action. I know the Lord is near the brokenhearted.

For as long as we’re on Earth, there will always be a hole in our hearts. We wanted to raise our sweet girl. We wanted her and Austin to grow up together, and be able to lean on each other their entire lives. A lot of tears have been shed.

But Heaven is the final destination, and our time here is a blip compared to eternity. Grace arrived there after 21 weeks in Cassie’s womb. Her body wasn’t ready. Granddad arrived yesterday morning after 100 years of a life well-lived. His body was ravaged.

I trust that God has given them both perfect eternal vessels. And I can’t help but smile when thinking about our reunion.

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