How to stream your high school’s games

I’m serving as the “Texas Ambassador” for BlueFrame Technology. The company rendered excellent products and services as the streaming provider for the Southland Conference during my time with the league, so I’m excited to continue my association with BlueFrame in this new role. 

My primary objective is to add additional schools to the TAPPS TV Network. This service began as the solely the home of TAPPS championship events, but is now being expanded to include content produced by member schools. In addition to access to the awesome Production Truck software, joining the network allows members to stream their programming to the TAPPS apps. The apps are available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iPhone, Android, and other devices. TAPPS members can click here to learn more. Contact me with questions.

It’s worth noting that schools aren’t limited to sports. You’ll be able to use this set-up to stream fine arts, graduation ceremonies, and anything else you’d like to produce.

There are also opportunities for UIL schools and small colleges to create their own networks. Look at this information, then click “get proposal” or reach out to me directly and we’ll talk about your needs. 

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