The Basketball Tournament

This week’s No Longer Neighbors episode begins with technology expert Aaron Arruda examining the ways it has changed our lives during the pandemic. Zoom has been the home of a lot of big events for Chris Mycoskie lately, including his grandfather’s funeral (4:44).  

ESPN and Stadium basketball analyst Tim Scarborough joins us for a conversation (8:59). Chris and Tim were scheduled to call games at the Conference USA tournament before COVID-19 forced its cancelation. Now, Tim’s gearing up for TBT – The Basketball Tournament on ESPN, July 4-14 (13:11). He also gives us his perspective on social justice issues on the week three men were indicted in the death of Ahmaud Arbery in Atlanta (16:58). As the NBA prepares to restart, Tim believes players have a great forum to speak out and help enact positive change (18:53).

To close the show, Chris and Aaron discuss attitudes towards food during COVID-19 isolation (25:38). Aaron has been heavily into smoking meat (34:13). Is using a pellet grill cheating?

Tim Scarborough - ESPN Basketball Analyst
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